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Hands holding paper head with human brain made of a tree with flowers. Set against a pastel aqua background.

Don’t beat yourself up

It’s OK to fall short sometimes. We’re only human. And we’re all just doing our best given the context of our lives and the events that have come before for us. Acknowledging this is a form of self-kindness.

Transformation of a piece of crumpled yellow paper into a succession of coloured paper-folded animals, and finally into a brightly pink and red coloured paper-folded bird, which is now taking flight. The background is black and a light is shining on the bird.

The Eternal Connection: How loved ones live on

When we lose a loved one, just like the cloud that Thích Nhât Hanh spoke of, they change form. The physical form ceases to be, but all that they were to us remains. It infuses so much more in our lives, offering comfort and a sense of eternal connection.

Cool, groovy colourful stickers on a black background. You are loved, good vibes, positive energy, you are amazing, kindness, and others of similar sentiment.

The gentle guide to not being an ass

In our bustling modern life, where we juggle work, family, social interactions, and life in…

Portrait of woman with Afro hairstyle wearing green sweater with mudra gesture hands up, closed eyes, meditating standing in yoga position. Indoor studio shot isolated on orange background.

Act As If

One of the fastest ways to get stressed is to act as if you’re stressed….