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I write regular blogs / articles that cover a range of subjects, from the mind-body connection, life, spiritual wisdom, self esteem, kindness, to alternative therapies, and even more esoteric subjects, all of which I back up with science. There's over 150 on this site. Please feel free to share.

Man showing stop gesture with his hand out front. His face and body are blurred in the background and only the hand out in front is in focus.

When someone isn’t kind to you

What do you do when someone is being unkind to you? Do you still be kind? Do you make a commitment that kindness is your way and let it go? Or do you tell them where to go?

Vibrant ageing couple cooking a health meal together, smiling.

Blue zones

Have you heard of blue zones? They’re regions of the world that have the greatest…

Group of green sprouts growing out from soil

Take your time

I always seem to be busy. There’s always a time, a line in the sands of time, that things have to be done by. And it’s always tight. Some things take many hours. I feel a constant time-pressure.

Five children wearing colourful capes, facing out onto a dark with buildings in the distance. They have their hands in the air expressing power, like they're superheroes.

An easy way to feel better

It only takes a few seconds to make the adjustment, but you might be surprised how much you gain from it.