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David Hamilton blends hard science with theory to give a fresh new approach to self-improvement and change. His scientific background adds credibility, which makes people all the more likely to listen to what he has to say.”
David J Clarkson, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, former Head of Private Business – Scotland

David’s keynote talks and workshops draw upon his background in science. His talks and trainings cover coaching, leadership, self-esteem, confidence and mindfulness, and use modern understandings in science (neuroscience, mindfulness, mental rehearsal) to bring greater clarity and usefulness of the strategies taught.

David worked, first as a scientist, and then a change agent, with AstraZeneca, where he managed leadership and change projects. He also did athletics coaching and team management, leading the U20 Men’s Team of Sale Harriers athletics club to 3 successive UK championship finals. He is author of 9 books. He has given keynote presentations and conducted training for a number of companies over the past few years, which include:

David’s most popular talks and trainings include “Coaching for High Performance“, which fuses cutting edge developments in neuroscience with personal strategies that can be used to enhance performance in business and sales, “Mindfulness for Stress Reduction,” which fuses neuroscience with stress reduction techniques, “The 5 Side Effects of Kindness,” which shows how being helpful is mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy, and “Compassion and Kindness are Good Business,” which shows the health benefits of compassion and kindness, and how they positively impact teams and an organisation as a whole . David also offers Leadership Coaching and Training as well as individual 1-to-1 coaching for business clients.


“David Hamilton displays natural communication skills and adaptability in successfully engaging with business audiences. Through his personal charisma, easy delivery and by taking the ‘scientific approach’, David enables delegates to readily take on board critical learnings about both individual and organisational wellbeing. David very much conveys what ‘walking the talk’ is all about and in so doing inspires businesspeople to make a real difference in their personal and corporate lives.”
Drew Pryde, Chairman of the Scottish Institute of Business Leaders


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Below is a segment of a recent talk at the 2016 ICDI conference.