Daily Boost

Here’s a few previous Daily Boosts:

Courage is contagious! Have you ever noticed that?

I like what Billy Graham said about it: “Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are stiffened,”

In my life, I have felt strong inside after witnessing someone showing courage, whether in front of me or even when I watched it in a movie. Courage witnessed fires up something inside of us, a desire to right a wrong, to face something we’re afraid of, or even to take a stand and be the person we’ve always dreamed of being.

I guess the moral of today’s email is this. If you feel you need courage, look out for displays of courage around you. They come in all shapes and forms. You might even re-watch a movie that’s inspired you.

“It’s not who you are that holds you back. It’s who you think you’re not.” I’m not sure whose words those are but I love them anyway. I always had a belief, deep inside, that I could do what I do now, but what really held me back for years was comparing myself to others and believing that I couldn’t do what they do. As Steve Furtick once said, “One reason we struggle with insecurity – we’re comparing our ‘behind the scenes’ to everyone else’s highlight reel.”

The fact is, you’re great the way you are. You have all you need inside you.

Step into it. It’s yours.