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Placebo School logoPlacebo School is my online course where you learn all about the mind-body connection.

It’s your chance to gain a deep understanding of how your mind affects your body and how to harness some of the simple processes for self-healing.



Placebo School is broken down into 5 modules containing 28 individual lessons (28 videos and audios) containing worksheets.

The modules are:

1) Placebo 101

2) How Other People Affect Your Mind and How to Stop It

3) Brain and Body

4) Illness to Wellness: How to Harness the Mind-Body Connection

5) Placebo 201

Placebo School will open to new subscribers later in the year



I Heart Me School is my online course where you learn how to love yourself.

Learn about the 3 stages of self-love, where self-love issues arise from, how to ‘wire’ self-love into your brain, how to become resilient to shame, how to change how you feel about your body, how to become more authentic, how to silence your inner critic, how to step forwards with more self-love, and much more.



I Heart Me School is in 6 modules containing 31 individual lessons (31 videos and audios), 15 worksheets, and 6 live webinars for questions and coaching..

The modules are:

1) How self-love issues arise

2) How to ‘wire’ self-love into your brain

3) Body image and shame

4) Being the authentic you

5) Self-compassion

6) Stepping up and out

I Heart Me School will open to new subscribers later in the year



logoThe Inner Improvement Program is an 8-lesson online course, featuring videos, audios, homework exercises.




Here’s an outline of each of the 8 lessons:

Lesson 1: How to Deflect Other People’s Negative Emotion

Lesson 2: 3 Ways to Turn Your Own Mind Around

Lesson 3: How to Let Go of the Past and Propel Yourself Forwards

Lesson 4: 6 Steps to Beat Stress and Build Calm

Lesson 5: How to Understand and Engage the Mind-Body Connection

Lesson 6: How to Apply the Mind-Body Connection to Health & Wellness

Lesson 7: Self-Love – the Real Secret for Getting All You’ve Ever Wanted

Lesson 8: 3 Powerful Tools for Self-Love and for Taking Your Life Onto the Next Level

I call this The Inner Improvement Program because all change starts on the inside – changing our lives begins with changing ourselves. This program equips you with the tools you need for changing yourself so that you are better able to change your life.

This course is currently closed for new subscribers.