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David Hamilton Vitality ShowPlease see below my upcoming talks and workshops. Follow the links for further information and booking.

If you would like me to give a talk or workshop at your group, in your town, or in your company, please email I am happy to speak at groups, large and small.

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The Science of Self-Love

I will share some of the latest scientific discoveries that help us to love ourselves more. Whether you're looking for an improvement in self-esteem, self confidence, or even just that feeling that you deserve love, happiness, and success, you will be able to immediately put the tools and strategies into practice in your life and start to see rapid results.

I will fuse science, self-help, and inspiring wisdom, to show how and why these powerful strategies work. You will learn how low self-esteem is not at all natural, but is merely learned. You'll also learn how to unlearn it by re-wiring the brain for self-love. You will also learn how simple and subtle shifts in body language impact your emotions and even how others perceive you.

This talk will leave you feeling better about yourself, more hopeful for your future, and give you actual practical tools and strategies that you can put into immediate practice in your life to bring quite and also long-lasting results.
When: Sun September 21 10:00 - 17:30
Where: Whitburn, Scotland

The 3 Levels of Creation

Note: the timing of this 2 hour workshop has still to be confirmed. It may be afternoon.

In this workshop, I will discuss how we create and shape much of our lives using 3 levels of creation, usually without our awareness. Once you understand these levels it becomes much easier to put your mind and efforts towards what you want in your life. I will also share some practical tools and the workshop will have a goal setting exercise.
When: Sat September 27 10:00 - 12:30
Where: Glasgow

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body - at the Wellbeing Seminar

In this talk, you will learn how your mind impacts your brain and body and how it can be harnessed for healing. I will also discuss the placebo effect, how meditation impacts the brain and our genes, how attitude impacts the heart, how kindness and compassion impact blood vessels and the nervous system, and even how visualisation shapes brain structure. You will also learn of real examples of visualisation strategies used by people around the world to help facilitate their recoveries from illness and disease.
When: Sat October 18 16:00 - 17:30
Where: Southend, UK (@ The Forum)