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The Scientist and the Shaman (Masterclass) - SWITCHED TO LIVESTREAM

*This event is no longer an audience event and will be switched to Livestream. Thanks for your patience while we make the switch to Livestream technology. Check back in a few days.

Join myself and shaman, 'Ya'Acov Darling Khan, for what will be a fascinating and enlivening evening of embodied enquiry with two engaging speakers and teachers, exploring the ever-closer relationship between science and shamanism.

The evening will begin with a short meditation to bring us all to a condition of presence in the body, heart and mind and to allow you to find your personal intention for the evening.

Two short, interleafed talks will follow with David and Ya’Acov sharing their personal experience of each other’s disciplines and their own latest understanding of the crossover between them. David will talk about the impact of the mind on the body and also explore the science of interconnectedness. Ya’Acov will talk about the rational mind and the imaginal world and the relevance of shamanism to our current opportunity/crisis as a species.

Yaacov will then lead an embodied movement journey through the Tree of Life leading into a Quantum Field Healing meditation with David.

The evening will close with Q and A.
When: Thu April 2 18:30 - 21:30

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body **SWITCHING TO LIVESTREAM

*This event is currently being switched to LiveStream. Thanks for your patience while we make the switch.

David will share fascinating research about the mind-body connection and how we can harness it for health and wellness. You will learn how the placebo effect works and how belief has a specific physical impact on the brain and body. You will also learn how attitude can impact the heart and immune system, how compassion can calm the nervous system, and even how kindness can soften arteries and provide benefit to the heart. You will also learn how visualisation works, how the scientific evidence for how it can be harnessed to impact the immune system, increase muscle strength, speed up neurorehabilitation (from stroke), and David will also share practical strategies used by people around the world that helped facilitate their recovery from injury, illness and disease.
When: Fri April 17 19:30 - 21:00
Where: Online

How your mind can heal your body (weekend retreat at Lendrick Lodge)

This ground-breaking course, which has changed thousands of people’s lives all over the world, has been re-mastered by inspirational scientist Dr. David Hamilton.

Sharing both the revised and updated research that made How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body a healing gamechanger, this is a chance to be on one of the first groups to benefit from this refined course of mind and body mastery.

Dr. David Hamilton will share teachings on how the mind affects the body. In particular you will learn how thoughts and emotions impact the structure of the brain, cells throughout the body and even your genes. Discover how people around the world have been using their minds to heal illness and disease (even serious diseases like cancer). You will learn the simple techniques they used so that you can do it for yourself or pass it onto your friends, loved ones, or clients.

And you will also learn why it works, so that you develop more faith in yourself. Find out how kindness, compassion and gratitude impact the brain, immune system and the cardiovascular system and how they are cardio-protective.

This means that they produce hormones that protect the heart from disease and also repair lifestyle-induced damage.

You will also learn how kindness and compassion reduce inflammation in the body, a phenomenon now known to accelerate ageing and recently understood to be one of the main causes of a number of diseases, including cancer.

At last… Science catches up with spirituality. Commit to creating the life of your dreams! In addition to supporting yourself, your participation on this course supports The Lendrick Trust Charity that organises this wondrous workshop.
When: Fri July 10 19:00 - Sun July 12 15:00
Where: Lendrick Lodge, Brig O Turk (near Stirling)