The 5 Side Effects of Kindness – mini tour

Here’s a list of my upcoming talks on The 5 Side Effects of Kindness

I’ll be talking about the 5 side effects, so you’ll learn how kindness creates happiness and how kindness impacts your heart and arteries, helping to reduce cholesterol and stress chemicals and lowering blood pressure. You’ll also learn how kindness impacts biology in such a way that it slows 7 different underlying processes of ageing, including ageing of the skin. You’ll also learn how kindness is contagious and exactly why a small group of people with compassion and kindness in their hearts really can change the world.


Tuesday 7th February, GLASGOW – completed.

Thursday 16th February, LONDON – completed.

Thursday 23rd February, ABERDEEN – completed

Friday 10th March, NEWBURY – completed

Saturday 11th March, TAUNTON – completed

Friday 24th March, CHELTENHAM – Evening talk. Info here.

Friday 31st March, BIRMINGHAM – Evening talk. Info here.

Monday 24th April, LONDON – Evening talk. Info here

Wednesday 14th June, FALKIRK – Evening talk. Info here

More dates coming soon…