How to Visualise

Here are a few free visualisations that you can download that are mentioned in my book, 'How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body'.

Please note that these visualisations are not intended to replace medical advice. If you are in pain or sick in any way, please first see your doctor. Visualisations are not substitutes for medical advice, but practices that some people like to do in addition to medical advice.

image: iStock photo

Quantum Field Healing

Take your imagination through the layers - cell, DNA, atoms, particles, quantum field - and visualise a condition as waves of energy in the quantum field.

Immune system concept and immunology or immunotherapy dna based treatment with text eating and destroying malignant cancer cells as a medical and medicine cure as a 3D illustration.

Immune System Visualisation

Imagine your immune system in any form you wish and then imagine it destroying pathogens (bacteria, viruses, disease-causing agents).

image: iStock photo

Cleansing the Body

Imagine a cleansing light flowing through each part of your body in turn, from the top of your head to your toes.