Live monthly talks online, live monthly Q&A, plus access to a private members only website with trainings on the mind-body connection, self esteem, the science of kindness, life & spiritual, as well as numerous meditations and visualisations.

Learn all about the mind-body connection and simple ways that you can harness it for health and wellness.

Everyone catches emotions. It's called emotional contagion. Learn a simple technique for deflecting (blocking) other people's emotions.

This free 4-lesson course teaches you all about how kindness impacts mental and physical health, and how it is contagious. It also teaches about the importance of self kindness. The course also contains meditations, worksheets, and each lesson has a written transcript.

Placebo School

This 5-module, 28-video and audio lesson course teaches you all about the mind-body connection and how to harness it. Learn about the placebo effect and how it works, how visualisation shapes brain circuits and how it impacts the body, and learn how to construct visualisation strategies for health and wellness.

This 6 module, 31-video and audio lesson course, teaches you strategies for building an inner sense of worthiness and value (self esteem / self love). From how to identify learned patters, to using posture and body language to 'wire in' self esteem, to learning to replace self criticism with self compassion, to taking action steps to create a new future, this course offers insights and strategies for establishing a greater sense of your own worthiness and value.

Not sure if any of these are a good fit?

David presents in simple language and gives a wide array of practical strategies.

Joe Hayes, Writer and researcher

David teaches with such eagerness and joy. The content is simply enriching.

Silke Rönspies