The Science of Self Esteem short course

Online: 18th, 25th Jan and 1st Feb 2022

Get insights, effective tools and strategies for building a healthy sense of self esteem.

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Only £39 (approx €45, $51)

All Live sessions: 7-8.30 pm (GMT). Unlimited access to replays. Starts 18th Jan.

What will you get out of the course?

Understand the difference between internal and external self esteem

Learn the 3 stages of self love (self esteem)

Tools and stratages backed by science

Insights for feeling better about yourself

3 x 90 min Live sessions with Q&A

Free meditations and visualisations

PDF worksheets

Lifetime access. Revisit the course as often as you wish.

How to harness the body - mind connection

How to create your best self

How to develop a better understanding of yourself

Tools for replacing self criticism with self compassion

The power of vulnerability

How to build resilience to shame

All for just £39 (approx €45, $51)

The course is based on the bestselling book:

I heart me cover with tshirt

Pam Grout

New York Times bestselling author of E-Squared

"Why is this not required reading? Why is this not the first book we're handed in life? It definitely should be."

Anita Moorjani

New York Times bestelling author of 'Dying to be Me'

"I love this book. David approaches the subject in multiple ways, offering something to just about anyone struggling with their self esteem."

Dr Robert Holden

Bestselling author of Loveability

"Give Yourself the gift of self love and read this inspiring book."

Andrea Gardner

Bestselling author of 'Change Your Words, Change Your World'

"David has lived every step of this book, which is packed with illuminating science, warm anecdotes and easy-to-apply techniques. His heart and soul shine through every page and the world is richer for it."

Alisoun McKenzie

Author of HEARTATUDE: The 9 Principles of Heart Centred Success

"I love this book, and especially how David weaves science, personal insights and practical ways to feel good about yourself with such an open heart."

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Your Teacher

David at HEAL congress

Dr David R Hamilton

David is a writer, speaker, columnist and frequent podcast guest. He is author of 11 books, including the bestsellers, 'I Heart Me: The Science of Self Love', 'The Five Side Effects of Kindness', 'How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body', and 'Why Woo-Woo Works'. He is formerly an R&D scientist but now writes and teaches about how to better understand and harness our minds and emotions to optimise our health. He has been a featured guest on the flagship shows, 'Sunday Brunch', in the UK, and CBS Sunday Morning in the US. He is also featured in HEAL documentary.

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Dr David R Hamilton

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