self care

Group of green sprouts growing out from soil

Take your time

I always seem to be busy. There’s always a time, a line in the sands of time, that things have to be done by. And it’s always tight. Some things take many hours. I feel a constant time-pressure.

Five children wearing colourful capes, facing out onto a dark with buildings in the distance. They have their hands in the air expressing power, like they're superheroes.

An easy way to feel better

It only takes a few seconds to make the adjustment, but you might be surprised how much you gain from it.

Cartoon of colourful flowers growing inside a person's head and being watered by four friendly people.

Go easy on yourself

Self-kindness, or self-care, is crucial because it supports mental health. Pushing ourselves too hard and not resting or doing what we need to do to support our health can be damaging.

Girl reading a book against a blue floral background. Cartoon image.

Remember to be kind to yourself

There’s plenty that can be said about the importance and the benefit of being kind…