self love

Portrait of woman with Afro hairstyle wearing green sweater with mudra gesture hands up, closed eyes, meditating standing in yoga position. Indoor studio shot isolated on orange background.

Act As If

One of the fastest ways to get stressed is to act as if you’re stressed….

Happy woman breathing fresh air from balcony in apartment

9 ways for overcoming fear and anxiety

I’d like to be able to say that I am free of fear and anxiety….

Girl choosing healthy lifestyle, practicing yoga near sport equipment, vegetables

How to practice self-kindness

It’s the bit we all forget about. But it matters … quite a lot! For…

Group of green sprouts growing out from soil

Take your time

I always seem to be busy. There’s always a time, a line in the sands of time, that things have to be done by. And it’s always tight. Some things take many hours. I feel a constant time-pressure.