thank you spelled out in wooden blocks on a table, with soft white lights in the background.

The gratitude jar

At the start of the year, they put a large jar in the hallway and some pieces of paper and a pen beside it. Each time they or one of their kids felt grateful for something, they would write it down, fold the paper, and put it in the jar.

cartoon of three characters in a circle, one green, one blue and one yellow with arrows going around the circle from one to another.

3 degrees of contagion – how feelings spread

Happiness is contagious. So is depression. Loneliness is too. As is kindness. You can even gain or lose weight because of a change in someone 3 contacts away.

Dark haired woman with eyes closed, smiling, with her hands on her heart.

The power of counting kindness

Seventy one female students were once asked to count how often they were kind. Now,…

African American little girl doing meditate yoga asana with eyes closed outdoor in park. Kids girl practicing doing yoga outdoor


The first time I tried meditation was after reading James Redfield’s novel, ‘The Celestine Prophecy’….