Cartoon of colourful flowers growing inside a person's head and being watered by four friendly people.

Go easy on yourself

Self-kindness, or self-care, is crucial because it supports mental health. Pushing ourselves too hard and not resting or doing what we need to do to support our health can be damaging.

woman holding red heart made of polished wood

If you live from your heart, it’s good for your heart

“If you live from your heart, it’s good for your heart!” It’s quite a well-known…

Father and son hugging, one facing us. Contented.

A life spared

He was just a kid. Not long ago, he was doing English, math, and biology at school. How on Earth was he now here, alone, in a strange country, facing the likelihood of being shot and killed?

cartoon of three characters in a circle, one green, one blue and one yellow with arrows going around the circle from one to another.

3 degrees of contagion – how feelings spread

Happiness is contagious. So is depression. Loneliness is too. As is kindness. You can even gain or lose weight because of a change in someone 3 contacts away.