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I write regular blogs / articles that cover a range of subjects, from the mind-body connection, life, spiritual wisdom, self esteem, kindness, to alternative therapies, and even more esoteric subjects, all of which I back up with science. There's over 150 on this site. Please feel free to share.

image showing telepathy between two people as brightly coloured waves

Telesomatic events

A woman had been writing a letter to her daughter when her right hand began to burn intensely. A short time later she received a phone call from her daughter’s college to tell her that there had been an accident and her daughter’s right hand had been burned with acid.

Image of a clock melting over the edge of a box.

Why time speeds up as you age

As children, the last few days before Christmas or a birthday drag on, yet as adults, come November, we’re counting the weeks to Christmas and can’t believe it’s come around again so fast.

A scale showing the balance between placebo and nocebo

The nocebo effect

Positive expectations drive the placebo effect, whereas negative expectations drive the nocebo effect. In both cases, the brain simply does what it can to meet these expectations.

woman holding a worried teenage girls's hands, offering her support.

The Healing Power of Moral Treatment

Research shows that kindness practices can improve our mental health by boosting happiness, creating resilience to stress, and protecting against depression.