An exercise to counter self-criticism

girl wearing bright yellow jumper hugging herself against a bright yellow background.

Do you ever criticise yourself? Or let me put it differently. Do you ever give yourself a hard time for not feeling good, not being at your best, or for making mistakes or errors of judgment? You’re not alone if you do.  Nearly everyone I know tends to be self-critical at times.  Granted, some have…

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Countering with kindness

hands of different colours making an outline of a heart

A lady named Maureen once told me of the time when she was driving towards the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland. It’s a toll bridge and a mile or two from the toll plaza she pulled out in front of another driver. It was an accident. We’ve all done it. A momentary lapse in concentration,…

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Remember to be kind to yourself

Girl reading a book against a blue floral background. Cartoon image.

There’s plenty that can be said about the importance and the benefit of being kind to people. I’ve certainly said plenty. But let’s also remember to be kind to ourselves. Many of us find this difficult and, in the spirit of honesty, I do too. Some of the difficulty originates from the idea that being…

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