How you see things

Looking through a lens at a blurred green image and seeing detail of lovely green grass and trees.

Someone once remarked that I was deluding myself. He said I saw the world through ‘rose-tinted spectacles.’  It was quite a few years ago, before I began writing books and speaking. He criticised my aspirations as being unrealistic and my general attitude as not reflective of the true nature of people. ‘People in general are…

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The gratitude jar

thank you spelled out in wooden blocks on a table, with soft white lights in the background.

At the start of the year, they put a large jar in the hallway and some pieces of paper and a pen beside it. Each time they or one of their kids felt grateful for something, they would write it down, fold the paper, and put it in the jar.

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Go easy on yourself

Cartoon of colourful flowers growing inside a person's head and being watered by four friendly people.

Self-kindness, or self-care, is crucial because it supports mental health. Pushing ourselves too hard and not resting or doing what we need to do to support our health can be damaging.

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