Body image

Body positivity. Love your body. Different skin color and body size women characters dressed in lingerie.

Mocha Choca Latte, Yah Yah … Please A poem about body image, by Elizabeth Caproni Yah, I’ll have a decaf extra skinny mocha choca latte please.My waist will be smaller to accentuate my double Ds! You see that’s the only part of me that’s allowed to be big.Otherwise the press will have a field day…

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How to use visualisation for wellness

Image of girl's head with woodland superimposed over it.

Turn illness into wellness in your imagination! That’s the basic premise for using visualisation for wellness. It can be applied for the benefit of both physical and mental health. For example, some people with arthritis visualise pouring viscous oil into their joints to lubricate them and create a cushion separating bones. Some people with hay…

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