Is Your Life Mapped Out?

It’s a really big question. Is life governed by fate or do we make it up as we go along?

The overall subject I explored in this book is one that has profoundly shaped my life and molded how I think about things.

I do believe that some events in life are meant to be. Or, let me broaden that…. I believe that certain events in life have a high probability of happening. Life is about probabilities and not certainties, as quantum physics clearly shows us, and so it doesn’t necessarily mean these events are set in stone. There is, I believe, a subtle dance between what we might call destiny (there are actually multiple forces – both internal and external – that influence our lives) and free will.

So to explain why things happen the way they do, I’ve delved into chronobiology (how some biological processes are driven by cosmic cycles) and epigenetics, but also gone into intuition, presentiment (how humans and animals can seemingly sense future events) and spiritual ideas around the nature of consciousness and who we really are. I have even made some really big suggestions regarding the nature of reality, time, and even the origins of the universe. And I’ve attempted to equate all this with exactly how we affect our lives through what I define as the 3 levels of creation, so that we can grasp the dance between destiny and free will.

I started having thoughts about reality, how things work, whether what happens is fate or whether I create my reality, and other things like this, when I was around 12 years old. These kinds of thoughts occupied my mind a lot during my teenage years (sad, I know).

It became clear to me that my intentions and actions, intermixed with the influences of other people, led to much of what I experienced in my life, but I felt that there were sometimes deeper forces at bay so that some things were always going to happen regardless of what choices I made.

I can look back on my life now – albeit only 41 years so far…. I’m 42 next month…. good wishes are welcome 🙂 – and it feels like certain things were very important in my life… why I did my PhD where I did, why I got the R&D job I did and not the one I actually wanted, and even why I experienced a 6 month period of depression.

On a very personal note. I had to write this book. It has been inside of me for a number of years but I felt I needed to write my other books first. Probably, this was because I needed to get to where I was in my development as an author, as well as in my spiritual and personal development, but also, importantly, in my self confidence, so that I could do the subject justice.

The latter is especially important for me given that, even though I am a public speaker, I have struggled with self-confidence for years (we all have our personal challenges). I am aware that some of the ideas might invite skepticism, although I am sure the science is pretty solid, but I needed to get to a place where it didn’t bother me whether people agreed with me or not. There are some things that you just need to say, regardless.

It’s been synchronistic, too, that some of the research that pulled the deeper ideas together in the book, especially the groundbreaking experiments in quantum physics (entanglement in time….. awesome subject), were only done in the last couple of years. Through this type of research we are led to the awesome conclusions that all time is simultaneous and that the past is still evolving (bit of a mind screw that one)!

I’d better stop now…. I just can’t help giving away too much stuff, but I just find it sooooo fascinating. My publisher would prefer that you read the book for yourself. 🙂

So if you’re interested in checking out or buying the book, here’s some of the links:

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