Having a little faith

FEATHER FOR THE ANGEL COVER - resizedI love to imagine that we live in a magical world. Aside from the dark lord element of the Harry Potter story, I think many of us would love to live in a world where magic was happening all around us and that we could use it. I have always enjoyed science fiction and fantasy novels.

I wonder, though, if strange things do occur. I have written previous blogs and books where I’ve suggested that consciousness is not inside the head but is something fundamental to nature, that it is like a field that connects all people and all things. Thus, I have suggested that meaningful and connected events can cluster together and this can be a product of a person’s beliefs, emotions or intentions.

Just a few days ago, my dog Oscar had to go to the vet for an operation. He was bitten by another dog over a month ago but the wound just hadn’t healed properly. The vet decided that there must have been a piece of foreign material left in the wound and believed it best to cut the wounded tissue out.

I felt nervous as we were arriving at the vet for Oscar’s operation, even though I knew it was a relatively minor procedure.

As I often do, I said a little prayer. We all know that there are lots of different deities and angels that people pray to. I asked Archangel Michael to watch over Oscar.

Less than a moment later, a man, who looked so like the God character from the magical and inspiring film, ‘Miracle on 34th Street’, appeared at the other side of the wall that circles the vets’ premises. He whistled for Oscar to approach him and when Oscar put his paws up on the wall, the man gave him a large kiss on the top of the head, looked at us and smiled and then casually walked away without even saying a word.

A wave of emotion overcame me and I had to take a deep breath not to cry. It wasn’t tears of sadness, but like knowing that something magical had just occurred, like a feeling of certainty that I’d received a sign. This might strange to some but perfectly normal to others.

Once we dropped Oscar off I had to make my way into the town centre to catch a train to London for a meeting with my publisher. As I was a little early for my train I dropped into Costa to grab a coffee. By this time, my faith that all would be well with Oscar was beginning to waver (it had been 20 minutes since I’d left the vet, after all. :-)) and even though I had asked Archangel Michael to help, I was now trying to visualize all being well with Oscar and his operation. I was surrounding him with light and seeing light bathe the entire vets’ practice.

As I was being served my coffee I had the thought that I needn’t visualize because I have already asked for help, that I should trust that my asking for help was enough, that by visualizing now was actually showing that I didn’t have faith that Oscar was being watched over. Right then my eye caught the name badge of the person serving me. Yes, it was ‘Michael’. I smiled quietly to myself and silently whispered, ‘message received’!

Of course, when you do feel a little nervous when it concerns loved ones, and my readers who have dogs, cats and other animals know that this extends to them too, faith does waver from time to time as nervousness kicks in.

While I was walking to my train a little nervousness arose again, so to distract myself I decided to check my e-mails on my iPhone. The first e-mail that popped in was from Neale Donald Walsch, one of his daily, ‘I believe God wants you to know…’ e-mails. It read:

On this day of your life, Dear Friend, I believe God wants you to know…that medical procedures are nothing to be afraid of…”

OK, I finally got the message. I smiled broadly and felt warm inside. All was well and all would be well. There was nothing to worry about.

And indeed there wasn’t. We collected Oscar in the afternoon. He was still a little dozy from the anaesthetic, but within a few hours he was his usual self.

I do like to imagine that things happen for a reason and that all things and all people are connected, that our thoughts, emotions, hopes, dreams and intentions shape aspects of our lives, and that consciousness does exist in many more forms than our own.

I don’t think of God as a man with a white beard who sits on a cloud, but I imagine that we are all Gods, that we are all part of the same ‘field’ of energy or consciousness, and that we are capable of much more than we think we are, as our beliefs act like lenses that focus the field, much as an optical lens can focus sunlight.

In the times when we have a little faith, I have noticed, we see more evidence of this in our lives and we feel the warmth of the field.

49 thoughts on “Having a little faith

  1. June Mooore

    Beautiful David… welcome to the world of what Ali Campbell calls us ZELDAs!!!! I love when this happens….. and yes, agree, once asked, then trust it is already been done!!! brilliant to hear you write like this!!! And Yes, God is you , me and Oscar and even Zelda!! I have had amazing expereinces lately…… magical, intense, eye poppingly type of stuff…….and all GOD! Lovely words and glad you, Oscar and Elizabeth can continue your journey in a wiser way!
    I want to sign off AA Michael…. but you know it’s junsie xxxx

  2. carolyn

    Thank you David. I was looking for the courage to pursue a new idea today and your article popped into my email. I will now have faith to do it.
    And so we all help each other. God bless.

  3. Sue Shaver

    Dear David, I’ve never written to you before, but I feel as if I know you, after reading 3 of your books, and
    constantly getting your notes…love the ones about Oscar! It is SO important that you do this kind of writing
    for everyone to receive….it ups our vibrations to higher consciousness….you, then and other make people
    more evolved….maybe that is one of your missions! Thank You!

  4. Anna Feist

    This is the strangest thing – a newbie to this way of thinking. And it has indeed made me cry.
    I am going through some major transitions and every day is sapping of energy and filled with fear of the unknown, whether my choice to move away is right or not, the fear of the expense involved etc., and about an hour ago I wished there was an inspiring newletter from David Hamilton (as I felt I hadn’t read one for a while) to keep me believing that it will all work out. I went away to deal with another thing, came back and saw the newsletter with the title ‘Having a little faith’ which immediately made me cry.

    So yes, how things do truly seem to come to us when we need them.
    I can appreciate how scary that op was you – if less so for Oscar. I trust recovery is going well.
    Thank you, and thank you again.

  5. Elizabeth

    Beautiful article David. It made me cry. With all the goodness you put out into the world and encourage in others, why wouldn’t Godness make itself known to you and support you in your hour of need!? Really happy Oscar is well again.

    Thank you so much for the newsletters. I love receiving them and they never fail to touch me in one way or another. Thank you x x x

  6. Hi
    I met you in Esher, many years ago when you were doing a talk, I love these interventions you talk of when my husband was having urgent results after his operation, the appointment was on the 1/11/11 at 11 am I knew then that God the good was with us, thanks for sharing your stories and I look forward to meeting with you again.

    all love

  7. Lovely article. As a vet (amongst other things!), it’s always good to hear how owners respond to leaving their pets for procedures. Whilst I am not David’s vet, I know exctly how he feels!

  8. Victoria Liddelle

    Thanks for sharing this David. It so brought a tear to my eye! And cheered up my day. It’s so amazing when this happens. I had a similar experience when going for an op myself and called on Archangel Raphael. I used to be very sceptical about angels and thought they were completely mythical. But after my experiences when I asked for heart felt support, I am now a total believer. So glad your lovely Oscar is well again.

  9. This is a beautiful and inspiring narrative, David. Thank you so much for sharing it. It has reconnected me with my faith in angels and the fact that there are no such things as ‘coincidences’. Everything happens for a reason.

    I’m glad Oscar is doing well now.


  10. Kanta

    Thank you for the very timely article.
    God bless you for all the good work you do,
    Helping one soul at a time.
    Much love and light,

  11. Evelyn Davie

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience.
    Lots of love to you and yours x

  12. Angela Cater

    Thank you David so much, I was feeling a little sad today as I was sorting through some stuff after a large house renovation, and found a drawing of a dog of mine who passed away a couple of years ago. When we took him on he was “challenging” (well he used try to bite people’s faces). I met the most wonderful behaviourist and in a short period of time he was the most amazing companion and everyone’s best friend. He taught me more about myself than any human ever has, gave me company in some sad times, and helped me meet people that never would have been brought into my life otherwise. My own personal jury on angels is still slightly out, so I just love the way you have described the story above, it has really helped me clarify my own beliefs a little more, oh and his successor was brought home a year ago on Saturday! Damn addictive these furry hot water bottles. X

  13. Vida Green

    I read with great interest your article about oscar, i was feeling a bit worried as i had just been to see my consultant about a swelling in my neck i had 4 months ago, i was feeling very annoyed as i had not heard from him, apparently 2 letters had gone astray, i have to have another scan and a biopsy, just to find out what this little lump is…. of course my mind had gone in to overdrive, i read the lines …”medical procedures are nothing to be afraid of” so i will hold onto that … thank you.


  14. Maureen

    Wow, that was amazing…the man kissing Oscar gave me goosebumps! And just so you know, I don’t think we are judged for being uncertain. Working with very young children I can tell you that the often need lots and lots of repetition and reassurance. You wouldn’t think any less of them for just being a learner, now would you? In fact, almost the complete opposite 🙂

  15. Henry & Annette Burns

    Hi David,
    We always find your articles very interesting. Glad to hear Oscar made a good recovery from his op.
    It was an interesting read when you told us last time about another dog attacking him and that a few hours later he had forgotten all about it.
    Wouldn’t it be great if all humans could be like that.
    Love hearing your ‘stories’.
    With Love and Best Wishes to you both,
    Henry and Annette xx

  16. Antoinette Hookway

    I just love the story! So much so that not only have I forwarded it to family and friends but also have re-read it several times. Mind you it has particular appeal because there is a dog involved – and he is well and happy. Thank you, David

  17. Irene Kelso

    Thank you, David. What a heartwarming and inspiring story!

  18. Lovely story, David! So glad Oscar’s ok. I’m fascinated watching your life evolve in the way you wanted it to – and am so grateful that our conversation led to Ken and I travelling to Peru with Stephen Mulhearn (that was in 2006!!!). Maybe we’ll be able to get together when you’re in Scotland more. Much love, Wendy xx

  19. Fiona

    Thank you 🙂

    I needed to hear this today,x

  20. Lynn Hall

    Thanks for that, David. I’m really happy to hear that Oscar is doing ok.

    But your experience above really resonated with me. I run a weekly meditation circle and before I close the circle, I ask for the protection of Archangel Michael. I also tell the other members that AA Michael will allow no negative energies to enter. Yet when I “met” a new spirit, I immediately freaked out. My Guide had to remind me of my own words and a friend told me that the lesson was about trust.

    Furthermore, when my son was diagnosed with a tumour on his lung five years ago, as you can imagine, I was beside myself with worry. Whilst round at a friend’s house, he talked about the film Contact, starring Jodie Foster. The next day, this exact same film came on tv and I felt compelled to watch it. There is this one particular scene in which a scientist is talking about the controversial machine that has been built and she says, “It is benign; I repeat, It is benign!” Well, that sentence struck me right in the solar plexus and I knew my son’s tumour would be benign. However, he still had to have that and a third of his lung removed and I was still very concerned that he might not survive such a major operation. I was so afraid that I was crying in my car, driving along the main road near where I live. Stopping at the traffic lights, I noticed a huge billboard advertising some computer game and in huge capital letters it read: HAVE NO FEAR.

    So, just as the Automobile Association is only a phone call away when your car breaks down, it is always good to know that the other AA is even less than a phone call away. They do hear our prayers.

  21. Janice Hawthorn

    A beautiful account of your day. Glad Oscar is ok. I am sure what you just experienced, happens to all of us, all the time…but we are just too busy to notice the signs. Thank you for sharing!

  22. My faith has been waivering lately. I forget that my time and divine time are sometimes two different things. That letting go part can be tricky. Thanks for the reminder. Kisses to Oscar!

  23. You did well to keep believing all would be okay, having been through something similar I know its not easy!

    I hope Oscar is well on the road to a complete recovery. Sending my best recovering ‘ vibes’

    Warmest wishes

  24. Shona

    Hi David,
    this is such an inspiring story, to have had so many positive meetings/messages for you and Oscar has made me really rethink and reaffirm my beliefs. Thank you for sharing and helping me to realise that we are not on our own through the difficult times in life.
    Your blogs are fantastic.

  25. Karon Clements (Chambers)

    L0ve your stories. They stick in your mind when times r tough. Keep up the great work.

  26. sam

    Dear David. Thanks for the article. I noticed from your story that there were three messages for you about Oscar that day. ..the Angels giving you three messages is a surefire sign of their presence. Its funny isn’t it how this connectedness manifests itself as your article has also come to me at a time of great need when ive been most frazzled with care of my newborn baby who has some difficulties right now and im so worn down that I had waning faith things will change. .so thank you for that. ..your articles make me feel better. All the best to you and hope to see you one day when my life is less chaotic! 🙂

  27. Michelle

    What a beautiful and inspiring post, thank you SO much! Incredible…..especially the god-like figure kissing the dog’s head! I am so happy that all went well for Oscar…your last paragraph particularly resonates with me, so true.

  28. Thank you so much for your inspiration David x

    I have a good friend who has been ‘out of sorts’ for a good few years and she first met you when you gave a workshop at our Inspired Events (Helen and I) held in the Town Hall in Reading, she recently came to another of your workshops and has completely lost the ‘out of sorts mask’…

    You are truly a wonderful guy – keep up the fantastic work x

  29. Pat Welburn

    Praying for people and situations has always been part of my life but maybe because of this it can become quite ‘mechanical’. Your way of visualising what you are praying for makes it far more real and meaningful. Tnank you!

  30. David

    I experience this all the time in my life, and consider it a tragedy that everyone doesn’t. As children we all knew there were fairies, and angels round the bed – why are we told it is not true? All children can’t be wrong!!
    And I particularly love the fact that if you doubt, you get another chance – as you did. We are evry blessed if only we knew it..

  31. Tracey Blanchard

    Having lots of Faith

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog .Everything you speak about resonates with me and how my life has been these last few years.

    Its funny how animals really do fetch out the pure unconditional love within us.

    When we lost Charlie our Lurcher who was only 5 years old to Tonsil Cancer in April 2008 I really did start to see the world in which we live and beyond in quite a different light.
    I have always had a faith I wouldn’t say I was religious but just a belief that there was something else beyond our understanding.

    Charlie had to be put to sleep as there was no more that could be done for him. He was no longer able to eat and drink. In hindsight it would have been much kinder to have let him go under the Anaesthetic when his condition was diagnosed but it is human nature that guides us to survive and we really believed we could get him better but it wasn’t to be.

    I remember clearly that day something I will never forget. We led Charlie into the treatment room and sat him down. As the Vet euthanized Charlie We cuddled him and told him how much we loved him and what a good boy he was and that he was safe he should go to Granny as she would be waiting for him (My very dear Mother in Law whom we had lost to Cancer 4 months previous. She loved him very much and I just knew if there was anything after this life and she could be there she would be.)
    As I kissed him I looked up and to my amazement about 5” above the Vets head was a pure bright white circle of light energy so bright sparks seemed to be coming form its outer edge. It was about as big as a small Orange. The Vet could not see it but he was aware of the energy as he ducked and said very briefly what that was? At that moment it just disappeared almost in a puff of light. Straight away we were aware Charlie had slipped away. We were devastated and shortly afterwards left. Nothing was said until we got back into the car I asked my husband did you see what I saw Yes he replied.

    I believe to this day the love we felt for him and the love he felt for us was the visual energy of his spirit leaving us.
    I cannot begin to tell you how blessed and grateful we feel to have shared that special moment with him… our last possible moment.

    This was not to be by far my last experience of visual energy but it helped me to believe in myself that what I experienced was very real If Trevor had seen it also I knew it had to be outside of my self.

    It is refreshing for me to read what you do as it resonates with me wholly. I love to understand the physical science of the mind as I have had internal experiences too but as I have also experienced there is also a higher understanding that goes beyond the physical world I like to call them Angel experiences.

    So pleased to hear Oscar is ok.

  32. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Thanks Pat. 🙂

  33. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Yes, I think as children we are more in tune than adults think and more able to perceive angels and other forms of consciousness because we don’t have the more rigid beliefs we generate as adults. 🙂

  34. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Thank you so much for your inspiring comment Tracey. I am so sorry to hear about Charlie. I can’t even begin to imagine how painful an experience that must have been, but what an absolutely amazing experience to have actually watched his energy leave. It must give you real faith that he is still with you, and in a very happy place. 🙂

  35. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Thanks for your kind words Jan. It’s lovely to hear from you. I’m so pleased your friend is feeling much better. 🙂

  36. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Thanks Michelle. Yes, it was amazing and right out of the blue when the man kissed Oscar on the head. A wave of emotion just jerked me at that point. 🙂

  37. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Hi Sam, I’m really pleased that my article has reached you at the right time and rekindled a little faith. 🙂 I wish you and your newborn baby many, many, many blessings. 🙂

  38. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Thanks Karon. 🙂

  39. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Thanks Shona. I’m glad that my experience has helped give you a little more clarity. Yes, I believe we are never alone, even though it sometimes feels like we are. I’ve learned to just look around me and know that everything is connected. I feel that the more I believe that, the more help seems to be at hand in times of challenge. 🙂

  40. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Thanks Jacqui. Yes, Oscar is doing great and loving his new environment – we recently moved house so he has a lovely large garden to run around in now as well as forests and rivers on his walks. 🙂

  41. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Thanks Karen. Yes, human time and divine time can be two different things. I’ve learned that the more patient I am, the faster things seem to happen. I think it was A Course in Miracles that said, ‘Infinite patience produces immediate results’. Patience is part of letting go. I wish you heaps of good luck in learning to let go. 🙂

  42. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Yes, I agree Janice. I suspect that I’ve missed really obvious things like this in the past when I’ve been too busy to notice. I feel that when we remind ourselves of the interconnectedness of life we tend to notice more. 🙂

  43. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Hi Lyn, Wow, your experience was amazing. You’ve further inspired me. Those messages were as clear as they come. 🙂 I can’t imagine how much of a traumatic time that must have been for you and your son but I’m so pleased that you were comforted and reassured by AA along the way. I hope your son is doing great now. 🙂

  44. David R. Hamilton PhD

    I’m glad the timing was good Fiona. 🙂

  45. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Thanks Wendy. Yes, Oscar is doing great now.:-) Wow, time does travel fast. I remember it well. 🙂 Yes, hopefully we’ll be able to catch up sometime now that I’m in Scotland again. 🙂

  46. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Hi Henry & Annette, it’s lovely to hear from you. 🙂 Yes, it would be great if humans could be as in the moment as dogs. I have a feeling I’ll write a book one day about the spiritual lessons I’ve learned from Oscar. 🙂

  47. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Hi Angela, yes, they are really quite addictive aren’t they? It’s lovely that your dog turned into such a wonderful companion. Oscar, at this moment, has just woken up (he was sleeping at my feet) and is now telling me in no uncertain times that he wants to play. 🙂

  48. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Thanks Evelyn. 🙂

  49. David R. Hamilton PhD

    Thanks for your kind words Sue. 🙂

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