The gentle guide to not being an ass

Cool, groovy colourful stickers on a black background. You are loved, good vibes, positive energy, you are amazing, kindness, and others of similar sentiment.

In our bustling modern life, where we juggle work, family, social interactions, and life in general, it’s easy to forget the importance of being nice. We all aspire to it, but life gets in the way sometimes. Let’s be honest! It’s easy to inadvertently offend someone, step on toes, not take feelings into account, or…

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Act As If

Portrait of woman with Afro hairstyle wearing green sweater with mudra gesture hands up, closed eyes, meditating standing in yoga position. Indoor studio shot isolated on orange background.

One of the fastest ways to get stressed is to act as if you’re stressed. Now, I’m assuming this isn’t your goal and I’m attempting to be light-hearted to make the point. But let’s suppose you’re tired of being at peace and happy all the time and you want to feel just as stressed as…

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